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Whitening Teeth: Does It Work For Everyone?

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Whiter teeth are a sign that the person has taken care of themself, and even shows that the person has enough confidence to smile. And let’s face it, those that are able to have this self confidence are usually going to find that they have things go better for them in life. With that being said, those that have discolored teeth are often wondering as to if these whitening products, kits and procedures that are on the market are worth their time and money? Do these things actually work for everyone that tries them?

The answer to this is complex. There are tons of whitening products that are on the market. However, with that being said, some people are going to find that they have better results with some products, whereas a person may not have similar experience and actually hate the product that someone else recommends to them. Therefore, what works for one person really does not mean that it works for the majority of people out there.

These products that are on the market and state that these studies have found that they work with so many of those that have tried it, are usually reporting the number of successes. For example, in most cases, a study of one hundred people with a whitening product usually means that around five of those people may have not seen any results. And even those that saw results may only see a shade change of one or two shades. However, this is deemed as a success in the product and is marketed to those that are looking to whiten their teeth.

Most of the products that are on the market will offer some shade changes to the person that tries them. However, most people go into these products with unrealistic expectations and what teeth that are going to be movie star white. This will require months and months of whitening treatment in order to get this and may even require that the person go to a dentist to get help. Which is once again why some people state that these products do not work for them.

Those that are serious about whitening their teeth will have to use their best judgment and when reading those reviews and studies take into consideration that any change reported is usually just a shade or two. This will allow the person to go into this with realistic expectations to make the most of the product and perhaps find the results that they want over time.