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Which Peroxide Works Best for Teeth Whitening?

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When it comes to teeth whitening, the person will find that one of the main ingredients that are found in the kits that the person can buy in the market and the processes that the dentists use, is a certain type of peroxide that is found in the ingredient list on these products. The two most common options that people have to choose from are Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide. The main question that people have is just which one of these is considered to be better?

They are going to find that in most kits that they themselves go to the store and buy that the Hydrogen Peroxide is going to be the most common peroxide that they are finding in the ingredient list on these products. This is because the use of hydrogen is not as regulated as the other type of peroxide.  But, with that being said, the person should realize that it is not considered to be the best way to whiten one’s teeth anymore. Yes, ten years ago it was considered to be the best, but since the introduction of Carbamide Peroxide, it has taken a back seat for most dentists out there that are whitening teeth.

Why is this? Carbamide Peroxide gives results that are faster in most studies that have been done when compared to Hydrogen Peroxide. They find that the Carbamdie is also something that is not going to require half as many applications in order to get the teeth whiter, thus the person is not having peroxide introduced into their mouth as often, which can save them from pain in their teeth and gums.

Those that want to find a whitening product with the Carbamide Peroxide are not alone as most people want white teeth as soon as they can get them and know that they are getting results that they are going to be satisfied with.  However, the only way to usually find these types of kits is to go through the dentist and basically they will be giving the person a kit that they would themselves use on patients in one quick process. The cost of this peroxide is of course higher since it is something that is considered to be the latest product on the market.

Those that decide to use hydrogen peroxide will find that they are going to see result in time, but that is just it, it will take time. If having to choose one peroxide that is best, the person will find that Carbamdie Peroxide is usually what comes recommended by professional dentists.

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