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When Should You Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

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Over the counter teeth whitening products and teeth whitening home remedies can help to keep your teeth white and your smile attractive as well as save you money on those expensive teeth whitening treatments, but there are some occasions when you should consider having your dentist take action to help whiten your teeth.

Here are a few examples of how and when your dentist can help you in your efforts to keep your teeth as white as can be.

One way you can have your dentist help keep your teeth whitened is by having him clean your teeth twice a year. While having your teeth cleaned is not the same as having a professional whitening it does remove excess plaque and some of those stains from your teeth making those teeth whitening products you use at home more effective. These professional cleanings will also get those hard to reach between teeth areas whiter giving your teeth an overall whiter appearance. In addition, having your teeth cleaned once or twice a year will help to keep your teeth healthier resulting in an over all better smile.

If your teeth are badly stained or that over the counter teeth whitener is just not getting your teeth as white as you feel it should then having your teeth professionally cleaned will bring back that dazzling white smile. Once your teeth are as white as possible then you can keep them that way by using those home remedies or over the counter teeth whiteners on a more regular basis to keep those stains from again building up. Choosing to have a professional teeth whitening before starting to use an over the counter teeth whitening product can give that over the counter product a better chance of keeping your teeth white without the need of another professional whitening.

Having your teeth professionally whitened also serves for a more uniform brightness as professionals can reach all those hard to reach places that many teeth whitening products cannot. This may be especially important when facing a big event in your life like your wedding or other special event.

In most cases, those home remedies and over the counter teeth whitening products combined with your typical dental cleaning will result in teeth you can be proud of however, when the situation arises when over the counter products simply aren’t enough then choosing to have your teeth professionally whitened is the best option to give you that dazzling bright smile you want.

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