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What Food Can A Person Eat After Teeth Whitening Treatment?

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After getting teeth whitening treatment, it is important to remember that there are some foods that cannot be eaten or they can damage the whitening process. For about 48 hours, after the teeth whitening treatment, it is important to consider what to eat as there are some foods and drinks that can re-stain the teeth and that would ruin all the effort that was made to whiten the teeth.

People who love to drink red wine should consider avoiding it as it will stain the teeth easily. If the person still wants to have wine then a better option is to drink white wine instead which doesn’t affect the teeth. Coffee and tea addicts have a high percentage of yellow stained teeth, so people who want to keep their teeth white should avoid tea and coffee, instead they can drink milk and tea which reduces the risk to re-stain the teeth.

During the 48 hours a wide variety food has to be avoided in order not to re-stain the teeth after teeth whitening process, these foods are pasta sauces, red cabbage, curries and fruit juices. However, some things can be eaten during this time; these things white cheese, rice, bananas, chicken, and fish. There is no risk to the teeth if these things are eaten. The person has to follow this schedule and avoid the above mentioned things because not avoiding it can simply turn the teeth yellow again.

Another thing that must be avoided is smoking. Smoking is the biggest enemy of the teeth. It stains the teeth, turns them yellow and also permanently harms them. Although a person should quit smoking anyway, but after the treatment, cigarettes shouldn’t be touched at any cost or all the hard work goes to waste. Once the 48 hours are over, the person can eat whatever is desired. It is important to remember that a whitening kit must be present at home at all times to refresh the teeth to reduce the risk of re-staining the teeth. If a whitening kit is not applied regularly after the treatment, it takes only a few months for the teeth to get yellow and stained again. Low strength gels are the best option in this case as they will easily restore the teeth back to the original whiteness.

In the end, it is best to avoid drinks like tea, red wine, coffee and cola drinks as they easily stain the teeth and the person can have a hard time keeping the teeth white all the time.

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