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Useful Tips For Teeth Whitening At Home

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Everyone wants to have beautiful white teeth which make the smile look gorgeous. However, not everyone can afford to visit a dentist for the teeth whitening treatment or buy regular teeth whitening kits. Some people have a hard time to save money and are struggling. The good news is teeth whitening products from companies are not the only way to turn the teeth white. There are a few natural ways that a person can do at home. They are discussed below.

Strawberries: – A person can have a strawberry and can rub it on the teeth for a while and then leave the strawberry on the teeth for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes have passed, the teeth should be washed immediately to remove any sugar that is left on the teeth which can harm the tooth enamel.

Hydrogen Peroxide: – Hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient which can successfully turn the teeth white, it can be applied directly to a cotton swab and can be rubbed gently on the teeth carefully making sure that it doesn’t touch the gums as it can make a burning feeling on the gums. The results can be seen in within a few weeks.

Mixture: – There is a mixture which successfully helps in teeth whitening treatment. The procedure for this mixture is to mash a strawberry, add some lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to make the mixture. After the mixture is ready, it can be applied on a tooth brush and on the person’s teeth afterwards. It is important to remember that a regular tooth brush that is used everyday shouldn’t be used for this mixture as the seeds of the strawberry are very hard to remove while washing. The mixture should be left on the teeth for about five minutes and then the mouth should be rinsed, if any seeds are stuck in between the teeth, dental floss can be used to get them out. After that it is important to brush the teeth with regular brush and tooth paste as the mixture had sugar and lemon juice in it and they can harm the tooth enamel.

These home based remedies are quite helpful and people have tried using them. The results are obviously not as quick as they would be by visiting a dentist or buying professional products, but results are produced, they just might take a little longer to show. The best thing about these remedies is that a person can get home based teeth whitening treatment without spending money.

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