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Tooth Bleaching – Is it Safe to Do?

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Teeth bleaching or whitening is a procedure that is being used to make their teeth look better. This procedure not only makes your teeth look white, but it also makes them stay healthier. As an individual ages and gets older, their teeth will usually darken. This is because the structure of teeth change. The enamel is less permeable. For clean white teeth, brushing your teeth three times each day will suffice, but if you want them to look really white you should use a tooth whitener.

If you go to a dentist to have this procedure done you will visit a cosmetic dentist. This particular dentist will use either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. Either of these will help to lighten your teeth. One reason that some people chose to whiten or bleach their teeth is that food we eat can leave stains on your teeth. They may be hard to eliminate even if you brush your teeth regularly.

Visit your dentist to get the proper advice on how to whiten or bleach your teeth. They can recommend products based on peroxide and tooth bleaching. You should be cautious with some teeth whitening or bleaching products because you may be allergic to the product.

As with anything, there are risks that may occur when you use teeth whiteners.

– You could have a slight increase in sensitivity.

– Mild irritation of the gums or any soft tissues.

– You could suffer chemical burns that could discolor or bleach mucous membranes. This might happen if unprotected tissues come into contact with a high-concentration oxidizing material.

– Rebound is also an issue. This when the teeth lose the bleach effect and begin darkening.

Some of the teeth whitening or bleaching kits can be bought over the counter so there is not always a need to visit a cosmetic dentist. If you just have yellowish marks that you want removed you can use a tooth paste that is made for whitening. This procedure will take around five days, maybe even less.

As with any procedure, there may be some risks, but in general teeth whitening or bleaching is a safe procedure. There are no serious, life-threatening risks associated with this procedure so you can get a kit and do it at home or go to a cosmetic dentist. Whichever you choose, what matters is feeling better about yourself.

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