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The Science of Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening is something that most people consider doing and there are people doing this that are in their teens. The whole idea is that this is something that the person can control in terms of their looks and something that they can improve, thus why so many people are eager to do this. However, before anyone decides to go out and get the first whitening kit that they run across, they are going to find that it may be useful to understand the science behind teeth whitening in order to understand what they will be doing to their teeth.

First off, the surface stains are what is taken off from these teeth whitening procedures. They will find that after drinking cola, coffee, wine and other items for so many years that these stains are permanently etched into the surface of their teeth. Even those that brush their teeth obsessively are going to find that they are even going to get surface stains that are going to be hard to remove. It is these stains that the whitening process aims to get in order to get the teeth lighter than what they currently are.

So just how does this work? There are many procedures that are out there. However, in most cases, the person will find that when they go to a professional that they are going to have bleach placed onto the teeth and then the saliva in their mouth will make this bleach take action. The bleach penetrates the first layer of the teeth to slowly remove the stain buildup that is there. Meanwhile, some of these procedures include the use of a blue light (laser bleaching) that is going to help to spur on the bleach to make the teeth whiter. The bleach will work itself down into the tooth, where some stains are going to be as they are known to leak into the teeth, no matter what the person does to prevent this.

The whole procedure can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the degree of stains that the person is working with. In the end, they will see noticeably whiter results with their teeth, but they may feel some sensitivity pain in the teeth due to using this process. This is something that the person should get over within a few days after the teeth become less fragile. During this time it is important to avoid the use of certain chemicals and foods in the mouth as this can cause the teeth become stained even more so.

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