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The Disadvantages of Whitening Your Teeth

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Everyone wants to have whiter teeth, especially people who deal with the public and models. One way to make sure that you get that beautiful what smile is to have a tooth whitening procedure done, either at your dentist office or at home. Although it is generally a safe procedure there are some disadvantages to having this procedure done. Before you have the procedure done, make sure that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of the procedures.

One disadvantage you may have is tender gums. In order to get the teeth white effectively, moderately caustic chemicals must be used. The reasons that chemicals are used are to strip away all those years of staining. The chemicals can damage your tender gums. The chemicals are not applied directly on the gums, but they can ooze into these sensitive tissues.

This tenderness can range from just discomfort to irritation and redness. Usually the tenderness will go away after you finish your whitening routine. In addition, they will disappear after discontinuing use of the chemicals.

When you have your teeth whitened the chemicals used are intended to remove all stains without damaging your teeth, but sometimes that does not happen. Sometimes if the enamel is damaged a patient can have increased sensitivity to cold and hot. This can be permanent or temporary and the severity and length of this sensitivity depends on how long the whitening chemical is used. It also depends on how often they are used too.

Using teeth whitening products should not cause any permanent damage to your teeth if it is done correctly, but if you do not follow the instructions you can cause severe damage to your teeth. If you use this type of procedure too often or use more than what is recommended on the teeth whitening chemicals you could damage your teeth. If your teeth do become damaged because of not following the instructions correctly you will have to see your dentist to have them do professional repair work on your teeth.

Everyone that uses teeth whitening kits at home know that they are not supposed to ingest the chemicals that are used in the procedure, but sometimes some of the chemicals are accidentally swallowed during the procedure. If too much is swallowed you could experience symptoms that range from minor discomfort in your stomach to diarrhea and nausea. There are some individuals who are more sensitive to the chemicals used. As a result, they could experience adverse reactions from even a tiny bit of chemical ingestion.

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