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While many people seek out teeth whitening processes as a means to have a glowing and radiant smile, this is certainly not a process that could or should be used by every person. White teeth are something that every person does want, as it really serves to brighten up a person’s face and also can be much more inviting to other people as well as a huge confident booster.

A person who does not have healthy teeth should not seek out any sort or whitening treatment. This will not be extremely successful for this individual and could potentially lead to more problems that it solves. Many whitening treatments can temporarily weaken an individual’s teeth and take down the natural guard that an individual’s teeth create. A person who has healthy teeth will be able to quickly recover and recoup form this. A person who has unhealthy teeth, however, might not be able to reproduce the enamel as quickly and the whitening efforts could lead to his or her teeth being permeated by more stains over time as well as a potential decline in the individual’s teeth health.

There are some reports that suggest that a woman who is pregnant should not seek out any teeth whitening processes as it can create some unnecessary problems. As a woman is only pregnant for nine months, she should use any whitening products after she already has the baby so as to not create any problems during the pregnancy.

Teeth whitening products are also not recommended for any person under the age of sixteen. The mouth is actually still in the process of some changes before the age of sixteen and as such the chemicals that are involved in the whitening process can lead to irritation in the mouth and potentially cause some unnecessary problems for this individual.

Another thing that a person should take into consideration is whether or not he or she has any fillings or veneers as these can respond not as expected to the teeth whitening process. Many of these dental procedures are already a slightly different color and when mixed with the whitening chemicals it can lead to an off color that will not leave the individual with the white look that he or she was going for initially.

There are many factors that can affect the efficiency of any teeth whitening process and an individual should know what cases are not necessarily compatible with the process and which will tend to make it more or less effective before trying to whiten his or her teeth.

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