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When it comes to whitening teeth,  a person can find tons of ways to get the white teeth that they have always wanted.  One of the first ways that was in the market were trays that were used for teeth whitening.  However, as more and more procedures came to the front lines,  a lot of people find that the trays are obsolete in the eyes of many people.  The fact is that studies show that the trays used for whitening teeth can be just as productive if not more than the other products used to whiten teeth.  So just how do these trays work?

Depending upon the kit that the person ends up getting,  they will find that there is a generic tray that they can use in store-bought kits, and for those who go to the dentist to get their kit,  they will find that the tray may actually be custom fit to their teeth. With the tray there, the person then injects the peroxide solution into the tray that will whiten the teeth. Depending on the instructions, the person will then place the tray into their mouth and fit this to their teeth to get the white teeth that they have always wanted, over time. The amount of time that the person wears these trays varies. There are some trays that are just worn for twenty minutes at a time, while in case of some,  the person actually sleeps with them. The time usually depends on the level of peroxide that is contained within the solution that is used to whiten the teeth.

The good thing about these tray whitening kits is the cost. The person can find that they can go to a local store and get a tray kit for around fifteen bucks. Yet, those that want something that is a bit more designed especially for them, will have to pay around three hundred or so dollars. That’s the reason why many people turn to this solution for their discolored teeth.

With that being said, is this going to give them results? Most studies have shown that with the tray whitening the person is going to get just the same results as if they were to use another form of peroxide solution at their home because these are usually regulated the same way. However, the trays seem to be more convenient and easier for people to use than the other methods that are out there and this is something that most people find to be the one thing that they love about trays.

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