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Teeth Whitening Toothpastes The Good And The Bad

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Once thought too expensive for daily use teeth whitening toothpastes have now made their way into most homes and medicines cabinets. Many people see teeth whiten toothpastes as a cheaper way to keep their pearly whites white. Wanting to cash in on the money that was to be had from people wanting the white’s teeth possible toothpaste manufacturers jumped onto the whitening band wagon in droves. Now every major manufacturer of toothpaste has a whitening version of the name brand.

These toothpastes use a combination of ingredients that scrub and lighten teeth as you go about your daily brushing. The good news in that over time these whitening toothpastes really work eventually giving you those white teeth you want and feel you deserve. Best of all, you don’t have to buy any special products nor spend time coloring on those whitening agents or using those strips or messy trays. Your teeth whitening is done at the same time you are brushing your teeth.

There is a down side to these toothpastes however, and that is those little abrasive ingredients that clean those stains from your teeth. The truth is stains may not be all they are removing, they may also be taking the enamel from your teeth as well. Your tooth enamel is the natural outer coating of the tooth that helps protect your teeth from even more stains and cavities as well as helps prevent them from chipping and breaking. Without enamel your teeth would be weak easily broken and would decay easier.

Some of these whitening toothpastes will grind away that enamel much faster than others and it is difficult to know which toothpaste is really safe to use and which is not. Your best option is to consult your dentist and find out which of these whitening toothpastes are safe to use and which are not. If your dentist is unable or unwilling to recommend a safe whitening toothpaste for you to use then you may have to spend some time during your own research or go back to those other teeth whitening products. Sometimes the easy way out isn’t the best way and when it comes to teeth whitening products you might have to settle for something a little less time consuming.

While keeping your teeth white is a goal everyone aspires to, you certainly don’t want that whitening to come at the high price of missing or broken teeth. So, knowing which whitening toothpaste is the least abrasive to your tooth enamel is important.

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