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When a person is considering a teeth whitening procedure whether it be at home or at the dentist office, they are going to find that one of the first things that they are going to see is how this procedure is going to change their teeth shades by x amount of shades. However, what is a shade and how is it determined? This is something that must be known so that you can fully understand the results that these types of products are offering those that use them. They will find that this type of shading scale has been used for years and is based on three factors, the hue, chroma and value in order to get the shade of the teeth that the person has.

Hue is the color that is at the base of the teeth. This is a color that is usually compared to colors such as brown, gray, yellow or even a reddish tint. The chroma is just how intense that these underlying color is. While the value is basically how bright that the tooth is appearing to be. So when a person is considering the amount of whitening that their teeth will experience if there were to use whitening procedure on these teeth, they will find that it is really all about the shade of their current teeth. The good news is that those that have a hue that is yellow will find that they are going to have better results than the other color groups. With those with a brown hue will have some results, and those that are going to be working with a gray hue will find that they usually do not see much shade changes in their teeth, no matter what whitening procedure that they use to whiten their teeth.

In order to find what shade that your teeth are you will find that most kits and even dentists offices have charts that show what your teeth are now and what you can expect your teeth to turn into with using the whitening procedure that is set in place to be used. However, there are a few things that can affect the shade so the person should be sure that they are doing whatever they can do in order to prevent this. They will find that the colors surrounding you can affect the shade of teeth that you are seeing, which is why it is recommended that you check out your shade in a neutral colored room and wear neutral colors as well so that there is no reflection onto the teeth.

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