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Teeth Whitening or Dehydrating Teeth?

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There are many skeptics of teeth whitening that are out there who believe that the person has discolored teeth not only because they are eating and drinking things that stain the surface of the teeth, but because the person simply has the genes that are out there for yellow or darker teeth. This is why teeth whitening kits are so promising to those that are dealing with the discoloration of teeth. However, that brings up a whole new study that basically is stating that teeth whitening is not really changing the tooth to be whiter, it is really simply dehydrating the tooth to make it appear whiter for a short amount of time.

This theory is only applies to the laser bleaching that many dentists offer.  Basically, proponents of this dehydration theory state that with the bleach on the teeth and the high watt light that is being used to ‘bleach’ the teeth is actually simply taking out all the moisture in the tooth to make it look whiter. These same people do state that in a small number of people the bleach is actually penetrating the tooth to offer some degree of whitening. However, the morality of people are simply seeing the dehydration that is taking place in their results.

The light is basically the reason why the bleach is not able to penetrate the tooth since it is heating the bleach up to the point that it is being vaporized.

Therefore, most researchers are stating that for people that really want to whiten their teeth this is not the best route to go when using a light and bleach method. Usually those people that use this method will find that in around seventy two hours they will see their teeth start to darken as they become more hydrated. The teeth are very porous therefore, they are absorbing the saliva as though they are a sponge sitting in a cup of water. This is why the results are so short lived, and it also explains why so many people have pain when using the bleach and light technique.
There are many dentists out there that are not using this method since they believe that this is not really helping the teeth at all. However, this is a common procedure that is offered by scam artists. Therefore, the person should know what they are doing before they decide to anything, and with this knowledge they may find that they can get the results that they are wanting for their whiter teeth.

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