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Teeth Whitening: Methods That Do Not Work

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Teeth whitening is something that everyone is reaching for nowadays as most people are drinking cola and coffee as though their life depended on it,  which are the main causes of discoloration in teeth. However, many people are finding that they simply cannot afford the professional teeth whitening procedures that the dentist offers them in order to get their teeth whiter. When the person is in this situation, they usually turn to other ways in which they can whiten their teeth. However, before anyone decides to do any type of whitening, they should know for sure the methods that are not going to work for them in order to save them some money and time.

Whitening toothpastes are probably the most cost-effective way that is on the market for a person to whiten their teeth. But, do they work? Dentists seem to be split on whether this is a good thing or not. Most people will find that they are not getting the white teeth that they dreamed of, therefore, it is not good for someone that wants to go white by many shades. The toothpaste can change the teeth by one or two shades, yet for those that are wanting noticeable results, they are going to find that this is just not going to deliver.

At home whitening kits are something that are in high demand. However, the person needs to realize that not all of these kits are something that works. They are going to find that the whitening trays do work decent in giving the person a different of a few shades, which can be noticeable depending on how stained their teeth are. The other kits out there, such as those that are using a brush on solution usually do not work as well since the solution is not having that long on the surface of the teeth to whiten the teeth, which is what is needed to make the most change.


Home remedies are very common for people to use. For example, using lemon to whiten teeth. This does work, however is very dangerous as this is basically eating away the enamel of the tooth which can lead to further problems and should be avoided. Other types of ‘remedies’ are going to vary from person to person depending on their genetics for the most part and just how bad the stains on their teeth are. So in essence, any type of kit that is out there can be tried by the person, as long as it is deemed safe by their dentist.

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