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Teeth Whitening is Not for Everyone

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Everyone wants to have a bright smile with beautiful white teeth. If brushing every day with whitening toothpaste is not enough to give you the bright white teeth you want you may start thinking about bleaching or whitening your teeth with one of those kits. You may even consider going to a cosmetic dentist and get it done professionally. Before you consider either of these methods, you should know that these procedures are not recommended for everyone.

Two issues are pregnancy and age. For children under the age of sixteen, it is not recommended that they have bleaching or whitening treatments. The reason is that the nerve or the tooth, or pulp chamber, is enlarged until you turn sixteen years old. If they have teeth whitening or bleaching treatments could cause the pulp chamber become sensitive or even irritate it. For women who are pregnant or lactating, they should not do these procedures.

If you have receding gums, defective restorations, or sensitive teeth and gums, should first consult their dentist before using any bleaching or whitening over the counter kit. If you are allergic to peroxide, which is the whitening agent, you should not use the product.

If you have teeth that have cavities, exposed roots, gum disease, or teeth with worn enamel you are generally discouraged from using tooth whitening or bleaching procedures. If you have cavities, you need to make sure that they are fixed first before you even consider the procedure. The reason that people with these conditions are discouraged from having this procedure is that the solution can penetrate into any decay that exists. This may cause the teeth to be sensitive.

The procedure will not work on the exposed roots of teeth. This is because roots do not have any layer of enamel. Any resin composite material that is used in dental restorations does not whiten. This includes bridges, crowns, bonding, veneers, and more. If whitening or bleaching is applied to teeth that do and do not take the procedure, will result in uneven whitening. The teeth without the restorations will look lighter. The whitening or bleaching procedure should be done before any of this work is done. If you do have the procedure you will have to wait at least two weeks before you can have any type of restoration work done.

If your teeth appear to be yellow they will respond well to bleaching or whitening procedures. You will not have as great results with brownish – colored teeth. Before whitening or bleaching your teeth at home, take professional advice from a dentist.

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