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Teeth Whitening: Gel or Bleach?

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When it comes to white teeth there are many ways in which a person can get those white teeth that they have always dreamed of. And the majority of these are using some type of teeth whitening system, whether it be something that is sold off the shelves to use at home or getting this professionally done. With that being said, there are tons of whitening products that are out there, however, when it comes down to it, most people are concerned as to whether they should be trying a gel kit or a full fledged bleaching to get their teeth white.

Both of which have there own pros and cons that the person will want to investigate in order to make sure that they are choosing the best thing that is out there for them. Starting with the gel option, the person will find that this is usually something that they are going to get in kits that they use by themselves at their own home. With the gel they will brush these onto their teeth and then allow the gel to set there for so long in order to ensure that they are getting the benefits of this. So what are the benefits and the drawbacks? They are going to find that they have to do this around twice per day for so many days in order to see results. Therefore, this does take longer than usual. The good news is that it is more affordable than going to see a dentist for a bleaching.

The bleaching that is used to whiten teeth is administered by a dentist. This is an office procedure that will take around thirty minutes to an hour depending on the degree that the teeth need to be whitened. With that being said, the good news about this procedure is that people will see results within the same day of getting this done, which is not available with at home kits. However, the person may find that they do have some burning on their gums from dealing with this which can be something that they have to get used to.

So, which is better, gel or bleach? This really depends on your budget and just how fast you are wanting results. For those that are not really in a hurry, then they will find that the gel kits are going to be a fit, while those that are in a hurry and want to see results fast will find that the bleaching that the dentist offers is something that is going to make them happier.

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