Teeth Whitener Ideas For You

If you have an affinity to caffeine and nicotine, you are most likely part of the statistic who googled “teeth whitener”. Anyhow, almost everyone is susceptible to stained teeth concerns – health buffs included, because as people age, the accumulated stains that managed to pass through the thin enamel would be more prominent.

With teeth whitening systems, you can get rid of those stains. You no longer have to worry about embarrassing pictures where your yellow teeth seem to stick out. Note that most of teeth whitening products only cure yellow-hued stains. For serious pigmentation problems, the best solution is still to go to the dentist where equipment geared for teeth whitening can be used.

The teeth whitener that is the easiest to use is the whitening strip. These are thin strips, usually made of plastic that are coated with a bleaching agent. Ten-day bundles cost around $15. All you have to do is stick the strips on your teeth – one strip down and another for the set above. Keep them on for 20 minutes. Do that twice a day and you’ll see the results, in 10-days. Although if you want to lighten your teeth a few more shades, you may continue using them for another week. Effects last up to a year.

If you are on a tight budget, you can go for the brush-on whitening systems. Priced at $3 to $5, they are the cheapest teeth whitener products in the market. You can use the safer option and use whitening toothpaste instead of a regular one. Keep in mind that the later will not work with wet teeth so you’ll have to keep teeth dry for 30 seconds before applying. Note that to maintain your teeth’s whiter shade, you must regularly use the toothpaste. It is safe to use anyway, in addition to its being cheap so regular use shouldn’t be a problem.

The most effective teeth whitener is the whitening gel used along with a kit. The gel alone costs only $10 but with the kit, the price tag could get as much as a hundred dollars. You have to wear the bleach-filled mouthguard for a few hours for the whitening to take effect. If you aren’t sure about the fit of the whitening kits sold online, you can even go to the dentist and have him make a mold for your teeth. Treatment period can last as long as 3 weeks but you’d get noticeably whiter teeth.

What made use-at-home teeth whitener products attractive is that they are relatively cheaper than in-chair treatment. This way, a lot of people get the chance to look good without having to feel bad about the expense. With the huge number of choices you can bump into online, it should be easy to find one that would be ideal for your budget.