Teeth Discoloration Whitening Treatments and Methods

Methods of teeth discoloration whitening treatment available to consumers in today’s market are wide-ranging. Notwithstanding, each method of treatment is different mostly based on severity of the stain, or the level of discoloration. Though there are many methods and products available, the price or cost associated with them can be very steep. Price range is more often attributable to method of use, and product brand than anything else.

Some teeth whitening procedures are inexpensive, and there are some methods that are much pricier. When you talk about teeth whitening procedure, different procedures or treatments are meant for different uses.

The easiest and most affordable type of whitening treatments is the strip that you can use in conjunction with toothpaste. Next on the list is the strip method, and it comes in two types or forms: The dissolving whitening strips and removable dental strips. The effect is just the same. Some people are more used to using the dissolvable strips because it’s hassle free and can be used on the go. Others like the removable strips more, mainly because it is more comfortable for them to use. Nevertheless, they are about the same with similar amount of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel.

Though these strips are promised to whiten the teeth, the truth of the matter is they are only good for treating mild cases of discoloration. Majority of teeth whitening strips come with different flavors that give them some minty fresh test to make your mouth feel fresh after the treatment. Majority of people who chose whitening strip method do so mainly to maintain the whiteness of their teeth, not because of level of discoloration.

The other types of whitening procedure that are a little bit costly are the home teeth whitening systems with trays and kits. They usually come with denture tray or pen shaped applicator which you can use to dispense the gel. These are also more effective for people who are suffering from mild cases of teeth discoloration. This treatment is known to be a bit more expensive compared to whitening strips but way cheaper compared to dentist treatments. The whitening tray method of treatment usually last for few hours, while the pen shaped applicator method lasts for just couple minutes.

The most expensive of all the discolored teeth whitening procedures is the one done at your dentist office. This teeth discoloration whitening treatments cater to severe teeth discoloration and these treatments normally use laser equipment to boost the whitening effect along in the process. The price tag for most whitening treatment at the dentist office can range from hundreds of dollars to over one thousand dollars.

Most teeth whitening procedures are not the same; some are for mild treatments others for much tougher jobs. Some are affordable; others are simply over priced for average folks to be able to purchase. But in all, they have one thing in common, they all use the same active ingredients found in all hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening treatments.