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Some Facts About Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening has become over the past few years one of the most popular concerns in the beauty sector. More and more people are starting to give attention to it, but still there is so much doubt if it really works. Teeth whitening has become a massive business and that is the reason there there are so many types of products out there and people often doubt which one is the best teeth whitening product for them. Below there are some important facts discussed about teeth whitening and if it should be considered by a person.

Gel: – There are mainly two types of teeth whitening gels that are widely used in the US. One of them is known as carbamide peroxide and the other is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient which affects the teeth to make it turn white. Carbamide peroxide gel breaks down itself to turn into hydrogen peroxide gel to start bleaching the teeth.

Gel Strength: – Gels are available in different strengths. There is a low level, a medium one and then the strongest. The strongest strength gel has a very high level of concentration which obviously shows tremendous results, but it is not recommended for everyone as some people might have sensitive teeth and it could be painful. It is recommended that this kind of gel should be left to experts such as doctors. Using lower strength gels is a good idea, but they can harm the teeth as well if the proper instructions are not followed, therefore, one must read carefully before applying it to the teeth.

Procedure: – A person can easily apply the gel to their teeth by standing next to the mirror in the bathroom. They can however relax on a chair and ask someone else to do it as well, but the person has to make sure who ever is going to apply the gel has to be very careful and not to damage the gums.

Types Of Lights In Laser Treatment: – If a person decides to go for professional laser treatment for teeth whitening, it can be helpful to know that there are three kinds of lights; halogen, LED and plasma arc. According to research, it is said that halogen is the best and the most effective of the three lights. However, all three lights have produced excellent results and there have been no complaints.

Results:- After the teeth have turned white by the treatment, it is important to remember that they will not stay white forever, a person has to use a home based teeth whitening treatment in order to keep their teeth white and also avoid drinks like tea, coffee and soft drinks.

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