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Quick Teeth Whitening Methods

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In the past, celebrities were the only ones who could afford quick teeth whitening as the bill was paid by their companies. But today, there are so many cheaper ways of whitening the teeth. Whiter teeth give a person a number of benefits. It gives the person a beautiful whiter smile, more confidence and more opportunities for jobs. There are a few affordable quick methods of teeth whitening listed below:-

Teeth Whitening Tooth Paste: – A tooth paste is probably the cheapest and the simplest way of turning the teeth white. Since it is cheap, it is understandable that the results won’t be quick. It can take some time before a person notices some improvement. The reason is that it doesn’t contain any hydrogen peroxide, but most of the tooth pastes do contain baking soda, aluminum oxide and calcium phosphate which help in removing the stains.

Teeth Whitening Strips: – These are teeth whitening kits which are widely available over the internet. The supply for them is usually between two to six weeks. Once applied to the teeth, they need to be in the mouth for 20 minutes at least. It can look a bit difficult in the start, but it is easy to get used to it. The amount of hydrogen peroxide in this method is low as well, about 10%, which reduces the risk of irritation in the gums. The results are not very quick. Some people have reported whiter teeth, some reported there was little improvement and some said there was no effect at all.

Teeth Whitening Bleach At Home: – This can be done home rather than going to the doctor as that is very expensive. This method has quite a high amount of hydrogen peroxide, about 45% and can be applied by adding the bleach into plastic trays for a specific amount of time. A person needs to be careful when using this method as a high amount of hydrogen peroxide when touched to the gums can cause pain, leading to chemical burns. The best thing about it is that the results are very good.

Laser Teeth Whitening: – This method cannot be done at home. A person has to visit the dentist and this method can be quite expensive. The dentist uses light energy to increase the method of bleaching. It usually takes 15-20 minutes for the treatment to end. The best thing about going to the dentist is that there are less chances of getting a chemical burn and the results are 100%. People say it is the best teeth whitening treatment out there, however, the most expensive as well.

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