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Pros And Cons Of Teeth Whitening Strips

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Teeth whitening has become big business with billions of dollars spent each year on professional teeth whitening not to mention gels, trays, pens and whitening strips that can be used at home. Each teeth whitening method has its benefits and its drawbacks and teeth whitening strips are no exception.

Teeth whitening strips have been around for a number of years and there are many different brands all claiming to give you a dazzling smile and cleaner and whiter teeth. Most do a fairly decent job at making good on these claims and they even have some advantages over other teeth whitening methods and products. Some of the advantages of using teeth whitening strips include: Fairly inexpensive. While not the cheapest method of teeth whitening on the market teeth whitening strips are less expensive than many of the trays or the pens on the market today and they are certainly less expensive than that professional teeth whitening.

In addition they are also fairly convenient to use. You simply place one strip on your top teeth and one on the bottom and leave it on for the recommended length of time while you go about doing those household chores, watching television or even sleeping. They are also far more comfortable those teeth whitening trays and certainly not as messy.

However, teeth whitening strips also have their disadvantage. First, they are designed only to clean the front of your teeth not the backs, not the bottoms and not in between your teeth so you may end up with kind of a shadow effect that you won’t be pleased with. The more stained and yellow your teeth are before using these strips the more pronounced the shadow effect may be resulting in what may well end up being two tone teeth that will leave you with less than dazzling smile you were hoping for.

In addition, the actually whiting agents in teeth whitening strips aren’t as strong as what you will find in those tray teeth whiting kits, which means it will take more strips to whiten your smile. You may also have some trouble getting teeth whitening strips to stick like they should which could mean you have paid money for a product that does you little good.

Some people swear by teeth whitening strips and others find them to be a complete waste of money. It really depends on what each individual is looking for in a teeth whitening product and what they expect the final results to be.

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