Options for a Brighter Smile

For most people, the toothbrush can only go so far in maintaining their white teeth. Even though advertisements promote toothpastes that can supposedly work miracles, the fact is that they don’t work for all in the same way. Searching for a suitable whitening toothpaste can prove to be a headache, and the more time you spend in that pursuit, the more discolored your teeth will become.

If your teeth are stained from smoking, discolored by age or any other factor then you are the perfect candidate for teeth whitening. Because there are thousands of individuals that have the same problem as you, the numbers of ways in which you can have your teeth whitened has significantly increased.

Most consumers who have tested the waters in regards to whitening treatments have been satisfied. Many even opt to undergo a whitening procedure several times a year. This is an important fact to consider as you determine whether or not you should receive a whitening treatment.

Some whitening options which consumers have include:

First, let’s start with at home teeth whitening kits. This type of treatment can be conducted by the patient from the comfort of his/her home. These kits contain a whitening substance which must be applied on the teeth for several times. In order to be effective, the treatment must be completed per instructions. The right quantity of product must be applied on the teeth and allowed to sit for the specified amount of time. A quality home based teeth whitening system can cost you upwards of $500. There are similar products that can be found for about $100, but their effect is not guaranteed. You must keep in mind that the expensive ones always offer better results.

A quality at home kit can cost you about $500. You can find cheaper versions, starting from $100, but their effect will be less impressive and will last for a shorter period of time.

When you decide to undergo such a treatment you must choose carefully. Almost all the teeth whitening products are already approved by the American Dental Association. Look for their seal of approval so that you know you can trust that product. Also, read and follow the instructions associated with your whitening product of choice. In this way, you will avoid any discomfort. If you have questions, you should go and ask for a dentist’s opinion.

If at-home kits aren’t for you, you should explore the whitening treatments offered by dentists. The fact that they will be performed in-office should be a guarantee of their quality and safety. Before the procedure, your teeth will be checked to see if they can be whitened. If no problem is detected, the doctor will perform the whitening treatment that should provide the best results.

If there are problems, they will be fixed. Cavities will be filled, gums will be checked and the teeth will be prepared for the whitening procedure. Teeth whitening treatments don’t have the same results on everyone, but the doctor will tell you from the beginning what should you expect from it.

The glow of your teeth will not last forever. You must regularly repeat the whitening procedure so that you can have a radiant smile for years to come.