Older Women Undergo Teeth Whitening For Love

A growing number of middle aged women are opting for teeth whitening procedures in order to help them find new love.

Mintel found, on behalf of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), that women in their late 40s and early 50s were willing to undergo cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening to improve their chances of finding love.

The BACD claimed that an increasing number of middle aged women, who are possible newly divorced, have more money to spend on their appearance and are happy to enhance their smile with teeth whitening.

Research revealed that 27 per cent of people aged between 45 and 54 have undergone cosmetic dentistry in comparison to just 20 per cent of younger people aged from 18 to 24.

BACD’s Dr James Goolnick argued that British people wanted a similar smile to natural celebrities like Kylie Minogue and George Clooney instead of the bright white Americanised grins of television personalities such as Simon Cowell.

He said: “George Clooney has very straight, even teeth, and an open smile. Kylie has a quirky adolescent-like look. Her two front teeth are more prominent and that is more youthful.

“People want a nice healthy smile that looks natural. They don’t want people to say, ‘Where did you get that done?'”

Almost a fifth of people may benefit from teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry because they are so worried about the condition of their teeth that they will not smile when photographed.

Market research company HPOL discovered that teeth whitening may be crucial for those people looking to start a relationship as 84 per cent believe that an attractive smile is important for meeting Mr or Mrs Right.

Furthermore, 94 per cent of people said that they are likely to notice someone’s smile when they meet them for the first time, which is important when discovering if there is an initial spark between two people.

Dr Harminder Singh, of the BACD, said that spending money on teeth whitening was a great way to improve a person’s confidence, employment opportunities and all round lifestyle.

He said: “To have large gains in how successful, intelligent, interesting and wealthy patients appeared after cosmetic dentistry caught even us by surprise. We’ve been telling people that a beautiful smile was a great investment in their futures.”

Famous Hollywood actors who have given their career an invaluable boost through cosmetic dentistry include Tom Cruise and Bristol-born Cary Grant.