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Nu White Teeth Whitening Kit Review

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Everyone whats to have sparkling white teeth, but most people don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to have their teeth professionally whitened. Nu white teeth whitening kit claims to offer a professional clean at home without the expense of having your teeth cleaned professionally.

The Nu white teeth whitening kit consists of trays that are soaked in hot water and then fit over your teeth to form the shape of your teeth. Once that is done, you then put some of the teeth whitening gel into the trays and fit them back over your teeth where you are to leave them for up to an hour. Over the next two weeks your teeth may get up to 10 shades whiter. When the kit runs out you can either purchase another whitening kit or reuse the trays and simply buy the whitening gel.

If you are going to keep using the same trays for the full fourteen days (which it seems like that is what is expected.) It would wise to clean these trays after each use and perhaps disinfect them using hydrogen peroxide.

One thing that is nice about this product is that the tooth whitening gel comes in three strengths mild, medium, and full strength allowing you to choose the strength of gel that is needed for you the condition of your teeth. Once you get all those nasty stains removed from your teeth it seems like you could use the mild whitener gel every couple of weeks or once a month to keep your teeth nice and pearly white.

Normally the best way to tell if a product works or not is to read the reviews from actual users. That seems impossible in this particular case as the only reviews that are too be found sound more like sales copy for the product than honest reviews. The lack of the reviews is a real shame since, this does sound like a good product that should be effective. However, in the absence of any reviews it is difficult to determine if this product does the job it promises or will even whiten your teeth at all.

While in the absence of reviews, it is difficult to recommend using Nu White teeth whitening gel wholeheartedly it does seem worth trying for those who want to whiten their teeth. For those who do try writing a review of this product could help others to discover whether Nu White teeth whitening gel is worth their time, effort and money.

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