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Movie Star Smiles: Teeth Whitening

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Go into any store that sells magazines and on the covers you will see stars smiling back at the camera with teeth that are so white that they are almost blinding. This is one of the reasons why so many people opt to get teeth whitening performed on their teeth. They want that movie star smile that is staring at them just about at every store that they frequent. However, a person needs to realize a few things about these movie star smiles in order to make sure that they are making the decision to whiten their teeth based on something more than just what the movie star looks like.

First off, these people are at the point that their teeth are so white that they basically glow in the dark. They have what many dentist refer to as bluish tinted teeth. Do you want to go to these extremes in order to get the teeth that you have always wanted? Most people are going to say yes, but they should consider that these people have their teeth whitened so much that they may suffer from intense sensitivity in their teeth, along with having teeth that are weak and brittle.

Secondly, more times than not the person’s teeth are being photo shopped to make them look that white. If the person were to see them on the street, more than likely they would not see their teeth as being anything more than what their own teeth look like. This is something that is entirely misleading to the public, as most people find out the hard way that they can have their teeth whitened twenty or more times and they are never going to have teeth as white as what the movie stars have on the magazines that they see.

Another factor to consider is that movie stars are paid for their smile, thus in many cases, the star does not eat or drink anything that could ruin that white smile that they have. Are you ready to put yourself through this? Can you give up the coffee, the cola and the wine in order to keep that smile as white as possible? Most people are not ready for this kind of commitment. However, that does not mean that the person should give up on whitening their teeth. They simply need to make sure that they do have realistic expectations for how their teeth are going to turn out after getting these procedures done so that they know what to expect.

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