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Is Teeth Whitening Appropriate for Teens?

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Whiter teeth are just not something that adults are wanting as more and more teens that are becoming aware of their appearance and want to improve it find that they would love to get their teeth whitened. However, many parents worry that their teen is simply too young to start bleaching their teeth. It is the same worries that most parents have with other aspects that teens are wanting in order to look better and sometimes older such as the latest clothes or piercing. So is it safe?

Most dentists are a little torn on whether they should recommend that teens to go for professional teeth whitening or not. For those older teens that are out there, this is something that they do not have as much resistance in recommending. But, when it comes to younger teens, this is a slippery slope as most dentists find that they are simply too young to do this. And what factors are taken into consideration in determining whether the teen should whiten their teeth or not?

First off, the teen must have all of their permanent teeth in place and they must be fully in the mouth. Too many young teens are still working with a combination of baby and permanent teeth which could result in having teeth that are multiple shades of white after doing one of these whitening procedures. And if the teen is just getting in some of their permanent teeth they will find that they are still partially in the gums, which once again could cause the teeth to be different shades of white.

Secondly, the person should make sure that they do not already have irritated gums from the use of braces or something along this nature, which is something that could make people decide against giving the person a whitening treatment. So what is the age that most dentists are deciding on whether the person is ready for teeth whitening or not? Once the person hits seventeen, most dentists say that it is okay. However, for those that are younger, most dentists state that it really boils down to whether the person has dental maturity or not.

With that being said, those that are confirmed to use these products are going to find that the at home kits are going to work for them usually better than they do for adults since they may not have as many stains on their teeth. Ultimately though, it is up to the parent to whether they allow their teens to use these or not.

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