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Idol White Review

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Idol White is a teeth whitening gel in the form of a pen. The fact that it was endorsed by the Kardashians made it extremely popular when it was first introduced, but this teeth whitening pen remains popular because of its quality than who endorsed it to begin with.

Like most other teeth whitening pens you simply twist the cap and then color the product onto your teeth let it sit for the recommended length of time, rinse and your good to go. According to the website you should use the pen twice a day for best results and should see noticeable results withing a week. Surprisingly many users report seeing results often within the first couple of days.

Overall, the reviews for this product are extremely good proving that the product does work and works like it claims.

However, for some people the price seems to a bit over the top though it does seem more that reasonably priced for the job it does.

Idol White however, has gotten some negative reviews and was even put on a watch list for potentially being a scam. Interestingly enough it was not that the product did not deliver whiter teeth that it upset people, but its automatic ordering system. Despite the fact that the official website clearly tells you that the free trial they offer is just that a trial and that if the product is not returned within the time frame indicated you will be billed for the product people felt that the auto billing was unfair. This seems to have occurred because some users order the product without reading the fine print.

However, those who did take the time to read the fine printe either like the product well enough to continue purchasing it or felt the product did such a great job of whitening their teeth that they didn’t need to order more and canceled without any problems.

The moral of the story seems to be whether ordering Idol White or some other product online make sure to read the fine print because auto billing is extremely common when products are sold online. As for Idol White itself the positive reviews certainly indicate that this product works and works well and most users were quite happy with the results they got from using this product.

This means if you are looking for a good teeth whitening pen you probably aren’t going to do much better than Idol White and may just do a whole lot worse.

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