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No one likes having dingy yellow and stained teeth, but sometimes people cannot afford either to purchase an effective over the counter teeth whitening product or have their teeth professionally cleaned. In such cases trying some of the available home remedies for whitening your teeth may help you keep those pearly whites white. Here are a few natural home remedies and tips for teeth whitening.

Rubbing your teeth with strawberries won’t leave red stains behind, but will help whiten your teeth. While this won’t happen with just one application it has been known to whiten slightly yellowed teeth within a few days to a week. For more heavily stained teeth you may want to mix some hydrogen peroxide with either baking soda or your regular toothpaste. Brushing three times a day with this mixture has been said to whiten even badly stained and yellow teeth within a month. However, you need to remember not to swallow any of the mixture.

Other home remedies that have shown to be more or less effective in helping to whiten your teeth include: rubbing an orange peel on your teeth, brushing with apple cider vinegar, and squeezing the juice of a lemon on your toothbrush and brushing your teeth with the lemon juice. Again, how effective any of these treatments are will depend a great deal on just how stained and yellow your teeth may be before you start the teeth whitening process.

Sometimes home remedies for teeth whitening consists of using either a homemade teeth whitening soak or a multistage process. You can make your own teeth whitening soak by taking a small piece of tin foil and coating it with a mixture of toothpaste and peroxide and then fitting the tinfoil to your teeth. You leave this on for an hour and then brush your teeth as normal. While users of this remedy claim that it works exceptionally well they also state that having tinfoil on your teeth for an hour can be somewhat uncomfortable.

A good example of a multistage home remedy for teeth whitening consists of using lemon juice, peroxide, and regular tooth paste. First, you use the lemon juice and a cotton swab to apply the juice to the badly stained areas leaving the juice on for 10 or fifteen minutes. You then rinse your mouth, brush your teeth with peroxide, rinse again and then brush your teeth as you normally would using your normal toothpaste.

Keep in mind that some teeth whitening home remedies work better than others, but all can at least help keep your teeth a little whiter and brighter.

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