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Different Teeth Whitening Products

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At one time, if you wanted to whiten your teeth you had to go to a dentist. Sometimes a regular dentist will do the procedure, but you may be sent to a cosmetic dentist. Now, you have a choice of the dentist office or doing the teeth whitening procedure in the privacy of your own home. You can have that dazzling smile without an expensive visit to your dentist. If you do want to have that bright white smile in the shortest amount of time a visit to your dentist would be the right way to go because they use the strongest percentage of peroxide in their treatments.

When you go to your local department store or pharmacy you will see a variety of available teeth whitening kits. You can choose waxy trays that are supposed to be worn for just a brief period of time, paper-like strips, mouthwash, and toothpastes. There is even chewing gum on the market now to help give you a whiter smile.

If you just want your smile to be a few shades lighter in just a short period of time a trip to the dentist will be necessary. The reason is because with the stronger percentage of peroxide used in their teeth whitening procedures; you can see results almost immediately. It will usually take just one visit that lasts one to two hours.

In addition to the regular teeth whitening procedures you can get at the dentist, some dentists also offer laser procedures. This procedure will give you the fastest change possible with immediate results. You can go into the dentist with a dull smile and come out with a bright white smile. Although it is called a “laser” procedure, it is actually a procedure that is “light activated.”

There is really not much difference in the teeth whitening kits you can purchase to use at home, what the dentist does for you in the office, and what the dentist will give a patient to do at home on their own. The products are almost identical except for two things. Going to the dentist is more expensive and what the dentist uses has a higher concentration of active ingredients.

The popular kits to use at home contain strips that are left on for thirty minutes each day, mouth rinses, and custom mouth trays that you go to a dentist to get after they make an impression of your mouth and make the trays. The home kits do whiten at the same levels as the dentist, but just take longer.

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