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Different Teeth Whitening Options

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There are three main teeth whitening options available. They are:

Over the counter teeth whitening kits, professional take home whitening kits and in office teeth whitening kits.

The office teeth whitening kits or visiting a dentist is quite an expensive option, but is a very fast result option. Great results can be seen in a short period of time. The average cost around the States is $650. This kind of treatment is not recommended for women who are pregnant. After getting the results, the teeth do not stay white forever, if the person wants to keep them white longer; he/she needs to start avoiding tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine and smoking. This is also known as laser treatment. The best thing about this kind of treatment is that it is only one time treatment and tremendous results can be seen. There might be a rare chance of having two treatments, but that is only when the person’s teeth have been completely destroyed by drinks and smoking.

Professional take home whitening kits can produce great results and they last longer as well. In this kit, there are trays available which help the bleach to affect the teeth in a better way. These kits are so professionally built that they prevent the bleach from getting in contact with the gums which can damage them. The average prices for these kits are from $100 to $400. This price depends on what type of kit is selected.

Over the counter teeth whitening products are the cheapest products available and are very convenient for the people. These can be ordered easily. They might not produce the same lasting and quick result as the other, but the best thing about this kind of treatment is that the bleach remains in contact with the tooth for a long time which can affect that tooth in the right way. These products are recommended for daily use and have to be carried out for a longer period. Some people might even have to use them for over a year to see best results. These products might consist of strips, products which are painted or whitening trays. The ranges of these products are usually from $20 to $100, which is a very low amount when compared to the professional kits that are used by doctors. The bad thing about over the counter products is that they can have side effects if the instructions are not followed properly. Therefore, any person using these products must read the instructions carefully before using it.

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