Dental Implants Fulfill A Useful Purpose

Back before the invention of dental implants, many consumers were forced to live with broken teeth that sometimes took away a person’s desire to smile. Even people with gaps between their teeth were forced to live with their smile, as no other options were available. Now, with the invention of dental implants even the most serious cases can be treated. A person can truly choose the smile that is right for them. If they are not happy with the way their smile looks, a simple out-patient procedure at the dentist can enable them to customize their smile so that it fits them.

But what are dental implants? Dental implants are artificial tooth roots used in cosmetic dentistry to resemble a tooth or a group of teeth. Typical implants consist of a titanium root (or screw) that is placed into the users mouth. From there the titanium root can be molded to fit an individuals mouth. Typical procedures include anodizing, etching, or sandblasting the titanium root to be more comfortable for the user.

The entire procedure is almost always done under anesthesia. This allows the person who is undergoing the operation to experience no pain whatsoever. The operation is typically done under an hour long and the user is heavily sedated for the process. Beforehand a bone implant may be placed in the users mouth in order to identify key structures and nerves used in the procedure.

Good candidates for this type of dental surgeries are ones with very few health problems and are looking to have either problematic teeth extracted or need a replacement tooth for cosmetic purposes. This type of dental procedure is quite often covered by insurance if the need is other than cosmetic. Local surgeons should be consulted prior to surgery so one can get the best deal and the most experienced surgeon for their dental implants.

After the surgery a wide range of procedures are available to the patient for cosmetic purposes. Even bone grafting from an individuals own bone for looks can be arranged. Other implants such as crowns or caps can also be placed on teeth. These help an individual feel more comfortable with their own smile. Implant technologies have gotten so advanced that not even the keenest eye can detect the difference between a fake crown and a real crown.

Implants are extremely popular and also extremely successful. In a recent survey of dental patients the success rate and satisfaction rate was found to be around ninety-five percent, one of the highest of any surgical operation. This statistic should put confidence in the minds of many looking to undergo dental cosmetic procedures. From young to old, the area of dental implants is growing and now almost anyone can customize how their smile looks.