Connection Between Dental And General Health

Even though they are concentrating mainly on a patient’s mouth, the average dentist will tell you there is a definite connection between a person’s dental health and a person’s overall health. Few people suffer from disease and poor health without having it affect dental health, and most of the time if someone’s mouth is a mess, it is an indication there are problems elsewhere in the body. Dentistry can help you clean up your mouth, but if you are facing a lot of dental health problems, it may be time to see a physician and make some changes in your lifestyle. If you can work to get both your mouth and your body healthy, you will find you feel better and face fewer health problems over the course of your life. If your dental health is suffering, there are a few important health conditions you should get checked out immediately.

Most of the time, an unhealthy diet is going to lead to problems with your teeth. Sugary snacks and sodas and high fat foods all have an effect on your teeth. Finding cavities, tooth decay, or other dental problems can indicate it is time to start eating healthier. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins are all components of a great diet, and those who eat them on the regular basis often have mouths that reflect their healthy choices.

Over time, poor diet choices and a lack of exercise can lead to coronary disease. While the symptoms may not be readily apparent until it is too late, your mouth may indicate something needs to change. If you are eating foods that are creating blockages in your arteries and making it difficult for your heart to work, your teeth may not be in the best of conditions. If you are facing a number of dental problems, you should consider having your physician check your heart. Even if there is no problem, you should look for easy ways to make changes in your diet and lifestyle that will improve your dental health and prevent future heart health problems.

Often, people who are struggling with weight problems also face a variety of dental health issues. The two factors are usually related to poor food choices that hurt your teeth before they end up on your thighs and belly as excess body weight. If you make changes in your eating habits that lead to weight loss, you may see your dental problems clear up just as quickly.

Finally, one of the major indicators of diabetes is poor dental health. Many dentists are able to recognize the signs of diabetes in their patients’ mouths before there are any other symptoms present. If you suspect you are diabetic, you should speak with your physician. However, if you will be visiting your dental office before making it to the physician, ask if you might be at risk. By limiting the sugar and other unhealthy foods in your diet, you may end up with better dental health and eliminate your risk for diseases like diabetes.