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Common Questions About Teeth Whitening Answered

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Before anyone gets their teeth whitened, they should make sure that they are asking those pertinent questions that need to be asked in order to make sure that they fully understand what is going on and know what is best for them.  After all, no one would enter into any type of surgery without knowing what is going on and how it will affect them, and though whitening your teeth is not as serious as surgery it is still a procedure that is affecting the teeth, and these are the teeth that you have and cannot replace, unless you want to get false teeth. Therefore, it pays to be educated. With that being said, there are many common questions that people have about the procedure and just what they can expect.

Many people ask, will the process of getting the teeth whitened hurt? This is debatable and can have many answers depending on how they get their teeth whitener. For example, at home kits have been reported to cause sensitivity in the teeth and gums from those that have used them that stays for several weeks after stopping using these. However, those that go to a dentist in order to get their teeth whitened find that they do not have as many problems with pain, though they may have some sensitivity for a few days that follow. The actual process of the teeth becoming lighter is not something that people report any pain in doing.

Another common question is whether the teeth whitening process is permanent? There is nothing that is going to permanently change the color of your teeth. The person will find that through whitening their teeth they do control how soon that they start to see the teeth become stained again through what they eat and drink. Many people have been able to go a year without seeing a real difference in the whiteness of their teeth, while other people have went a few months before they need this done again.

Can you overdo getting your teeth whitened? This is something that many people ask since they may not be ready to give up the food and drink that stain their teeth. As long as the teeth are stained the person will find that they can get their teeth whitened. However, with that begin said, those that get their teeth whitened too much can start to have teeth that literally look blue, and most dentist will not give them the procedure when they reach this point since it can damage their gums and the natural protective layer on the teeth.

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