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Avoid Foods That Will Affect a White Smile

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A white smile is something that everyone out there is wanting when they look in the mirror. It not only helps the person to feel better about their appearance, but it is something that is going to help the person to even be more confident in what they do, and this confidence will not go unnoticed. Therefore, when people do end up getting their teeth whitened, they want to make sure that they are doing whatever they can in order to prolong the look of their white teeth. And with this in mind, there are some foods that the person is going to want to make sure that they avoid just after whitening their teeth since these foods and drinks can be something that turns that beautiful white smile into a yellow smile once again and even faster than normal.

First off, avoid the dark wine. Yes, you may be tempted to have a glass or two with dinner, however, you will find that if you were to drink this after having your teeth whitened that they may stain even faster. The same can be said of other drinks such as cola, tea and coffee all of which are notorious for staining a white smile. With that being said, those that must simply have their tea and still want their teeth to be something that they can smile about, then they should try using a straw to make sure that the front teeth are not being exposed to the liquids, however, this is not going to work in all cases.

Secondly, there are some foods that will actually stain your teeth that most people are not aware of. Chocolate can stain the teeth when eaten in huge quantities, as can some fruits and vegetables out there, such as beets. The person will want to avoid this for at least the first few weeks when the teeth are more prone to staining than what they were before. Certain kinds of candy can also stain the teeth, so the person should avoid this candy as well. However, candy is something that most people should be avoiding in the first place to encourage the health of their teeth.

Overall, having white teeth is something that the person can get if they do have their teeth whitened. However, in order to ensure that this smile stays the way that it should the person should avoid certain food and drink in order to make sure that they are keeping that smile white as long as possible.

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