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A Few Solutions For Teeth Whitening Pain

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People usually hear about teeth whitening products and their excellent results about how the teeth turn white and makes the face look beautiful. But what people don’t usually hear is that some people experience pain after bleaching. Yes, the process of teeth whitening can also leave some people in pain. This type of pain has to form, gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. It can be a painful experience, but there are solutions available for it.

It is important to understand what kind of pain the person has, is it tooth sensitivity or is it gum irritation? The sensitivity can be caused by air touching the teeth, cold liquids or even breathing. Tooth sensitivity can occur right after the teeth whitening process and can last up to 48 hours or even more in some rare cases.

Gun irritation has a lower rate of occurring after the treatment, but some people have reported severe pain after having laser teeth whitening treatment. There are a few tips to consider:-

If the person plans to get teeth whitening treatment from a dentist, it is a good idea to start using a mouthwash which contains fluoride in it, it is best to start it at least a week before the treatment. Some dentists also might ask the patient to take a pain killer before and after the treatment. However, if the person plans to do the treatment at home by himself, it is a good idea to try out a little amount of whitening gel to check out the sensitivity of the gums and teeth. If they start hurting then the person knows that it is probably not a good idea and that a professional should be consulted first.

Patience is important in teeth whitening treatment. It is important to remember not to use too much of whitening gel as it can enter into the gums and create tooth sensitivity. Some people might get greedy and would try to get quicker results. This is not the case; the person has to have patience. It is very important to read the instructions properly and follow them.

If a person knows that he has got sensitive teeth then it is best to consult a dentist who will make sure a correct amount of whitening gel is applied to the teeth and the person does not experience any pain. After teeth whitening, the teeth should be brushed with a soft tooth brush in warm water. If the pain still exists, it is better to visit the dentist to find out the solution.

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